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The New Wave in BPH Treatment

The Rezūm System

Rezūm is a transurethral RF thermal therapy to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) that can be performed in a clinic or out-patient setting. Using a hand-held device, Rezūm delivers radiofrequency generated thermal therapy, in the form of water vapor, directly to the extra prostate tissue that is causing symptoms such as frequency, urgency, irregular flow, weak stream, straining and getting up at night to urinate.

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*transurethral describes the minimally invasive procedure in which a device is inserted into the urethra.

Rezūm in the News

Featured in the Wall Street Journal April 24th, 2017



Rezūm is transforming the BPH treatment experience for physicians and their patients. Read what BPH experts and Rezūm patient have to say in the Wall Street Journal.

Rezum in the News
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James describes the sense of freedom he felt after having Rezūm.

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Potomac Urology’s Dr. John Klein explains the minimally invasive Rezum treatment for enlarged prostate