“I couldn’t be happier with the results…I can sleep through the night easily. I can at work not constantly get up from my desk to visit the bathroom. I’m not concerned about having to know where every rest area is along the travel route.” - Jeff

Jeff's Story

Jeff had all the BPH symptoms that interrupt life. Getting up multiple times a night to urinate. Trouble starting and stopping. A slow flow. A sense of urgency that was out of the park. Especially for a man his age. He couldn’t imagine living like this for another 30 or 40 years without doing something about it. Treating the symptoms with medications and invasive surgery were off the table. So when his urologist recommended Rezūm Therapy, it was a very attractive choice. It turned out to be the right one. Find out why.

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Jeff's Rezūm Therapy Experience

[Video Transcript]

I was having low stream, trouble starting the stream and the sense of urgency was just out of the park, which interfered with a lot of daily items in life. At work, standing at the urinal longer than my co-workers who would come and go, and I’d still be there trying to finish. I also had symptoms of getting up several times at night.

I don’t believe in taking medications to treat symptoms. So, I didn’t want to go on any of the prescription drugs that people would normally go on. I also didn’t really want to have a surgically invasive procedure which was another option. So, when [my doctor] presented the Rezūm option as an in the office, minimally invasive type of procedure - it was very attractive to me and that was the choice that I made was to go that route.

I started noticing I was one of the younger people in the waiting room at the urologist’s office. And I was thinking that if I’m realistically going to be living another 30 to 40 years at my age why not have the procedure done now as a life improvement?

Three months ago, I had the procedure. The results of the procedure are fantastically great. Everything’s improved. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I can sleep through the night easily. I can at work, not constantly get up from my desk to visit the bathroom. I’m not concerned about having to know where every rest area is along the travel route. If I’m out shopping, I don’t have to know where the bathroom is in every store I visit, which I had to do before.

So why not have the procedure now and alleviate all that stuff to get back to a normal life? 

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