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It’s very helpful for men to understand the ins and outs of medications, surgical procedures and minimally invasive therapies through clinical studies. Learn through the lens of healthcare providers.

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Dr. Neal Shore

The Science of Steam: Treating BPH Safely, Efficiently and Effectively

Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy treats BPH using water vapor, or steam, to ablate excess prostate tissue and alleviate symptoms. Medical Director and Urologist Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS, explains how it works and what makes Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy a preferred treatment.

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Physician holding Rezum device

BPH Patients Experience Best-in-Class Symptom Relief with Rezūm Therapy, Latest Study Shows

Recently, a clinical trial looked at how long Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy results last in BPH patients out to five years. The trial showed that Rezūm Therapy significantly relieved their symptoms for five years for the majority of patients. The trial also showed that Rezūm Therapy improved patients’ general quality of life.

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All treatments have inherent and associated risks. The Rezūm System is intended to relieve symptoms, obstructions, and reduce prostate tissue associated with BPH. It is indicated for men ≥ 50 years of age with a prostate volume 30cm3 ≤ 80cm3. The Rezūm System is also indicated for treatment of prostate with hyperplasia of the central zone and/or a median lobe. Potential risks include but are not limited to painful urination (dysuria), blood in the urine (hematuria), blood in the semen (hematospermia), decrease in ejaculatory volume, suspected urinary tract infection (UTI), and urinary frequency, retention or urgency. You should talk with your doctor about benefits and risks before moving forward with any treatment option.
Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
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